Call for action on March 18, 2015

Let’s spoil the party of the ruling elite!

We call upon students all over Europe to block the opening ceremony of the new ECB building in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on March 18, 2015. While the ruling elites of Europe celebrate themselves in their highly new tower, they drive millions of Europeans deeper and deeper into poverty. Students all over Europe are especially affected by cutback policies and privatization and face an increasing lack of prospects. We have good reasons to take over the opening ceremony and transform it into a symbol of transnational resistance.

Solidarity with students in Southern Europe!

About half of young people in Spain and Greece are unemployed or forced to make a living with precarious jobs. Many students have no perspective after graduation at all. These drastic developments were substantially shaped by inhuman policies of impoverishment, made in Germany and enforced by the Troika. It is about time we fight alongside our fellow European students for our common future!

Money for education, not for banks and companies!

While billions have gone into ailing banks and insurances, millions of people have been fired from the public sector. Education is deeply affected by this. More and more people are driven into poverty in Europe by policies cynically termed “fiscal budget reorganization“. The losers of these policies are the working class and all those who still have their working life ahead of them.

Uniting social struggles!

Our lecture halls get more crowded, while the number of courses is shrinking. Eligibility for student loans is getting stricter and student fees are increasing while our rents are going up by the day. Old white men still rule academia. The gendered division of labour in society thus starts within our universities. Refugees are inhumanely housed in university gyms, while thousands die at the EU’s borders.Do you seriously believe that none of this is interrelated?

Reclaiming spaces!

The Troika’s crisis policies are accelerating a process that started in Bologna in 1999. 150 Greek faculties were closed or forcedly merged in next to no time. At the same time, private entrepreneurs open their own educational institutions, thereby creating a neoliberal, exclusionary market for education. Terms such as excellency, competence and efficiency conceal the political ambition to economize higher education as far as possible in Germany as well as in the rest of Europe. Let’s stop the commercialisation of education and knowledge and fight for democratic and critical education!

Let’s stand up against these devastating policies and collectively build a Europe of solidarity and openness. There is an alternative! Blockupy is an important step in that direction!

You want to sign the call as association, student council, university group, student’s committee or whatever? Just send us an email to unigoesblockupy[@] and find us on Facebook!



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